Fashion Laws for Men that Should Never be Broken

Let’s face it. Most men really don’t care that much about looking perfect but a fashion statement however says a lot about an individual. For example, if a shirt is hanging partially out of a waistband, it implies laziness. Professionals pick up on these subtle clues as well, so before venturing out for a job interview be sure to consult the fashion laws before leaving the house.

1. Pay Attention to Shirts – Don’t wear anything with holes in it or something that’s been overly mended. Also be sure to iron shirts as needed. Wrinkles only give the impression that the clothing was slept in.

2. Underwear – Say no to visible boxer lines. Find a loose fitting pair of jeans or khakis pants that hide them.

3. Limit Gadgets on Belts – Although it may be handy to keep things near, too many gadgets can appear cluttered and give an unprofessional look.

4. Pockets – It’s generally distasteful to stuff pockets full of junk. Be sure to stay organized and keep clutter to a minimum. If the items are truly needed, carry them in a handbag.

5. The Proper Belt – Avoid punching holes in belts. Self-made holes appear sloppy and lazy. Wearing the right size can make a man’s body appear slimmer and more professional.

6. Tailor Important Clothing – Not all clothing is created equally. Some shirts and pants will require the subtle skill of a tailor to fit a man’s body correctly. While a t-shirt may not require tailoring, a suit will almost definitely need it.

7. Trouser Length – No man wants to look like a slob. Be sure to keep a sharp eye on trouser length. Too long will sag around shoes and appear lazy and more than likely fray along the back end from being walked on. If trousers measure too short, others will see socks and/or ankles when legs are crossed, giving the impression that appearance means nothing.

8. Limit Accessories – For men, the rule of thumb is no more than two accessories on the body with one that can be carried. Wearing a tie, cufflinks, and taking along a briefcase is okay but anymore than that gives the wrong impression. Also avoid jewelry (other than a wedding band). Most men don’t wear jewelry right and too much is gaudy.

9. Crew Neck Shirts – As a rule, it’s always better to wear a crew neck shirt over a v-neck. There are several reasons for this. On one hand, not too many men look flattering in a v-neck shirt and also if a man is carrying a bit more weight round the middle the v-neck will draw attention to the stomach area.

10. Square-toed shoes – These should never be worn.

11. Athletic Shoes – Do not pair them with a suit. This does not make a man appear more fit nor stylish.

12. Collared Shirt Rule – Never unfasten more than two buttons beneath the collar. It’s not flattering in the least bit.

13. No Socks With Sandals – Shoes that are too hot to wear should be replaced. Do not try to cool your feet by wearing socks with sandals.

14. Pairing Jeans with a Jeans Jacket – Denim is handy and easy to clean but too much denim is an eyesore.

15. Don’t Bathe in Cologne – Smelling good is a nice touch to looking attractive but too much will make others gag. Stick with two to three sprays to be safe.