Men’s Watches Vs. Women’s Watches – Know the Difference

While it may be hard to imagine for those well-versed in watches, it’s not completely unheard of for someone picking out their first watch, only until weeks after wearing it when an acquaintance points out that they’re wearing a watch made for the opposite sex. While the differences in either gender’s watches are often subtle, it’s well-worth knowing that what you are buying has indeed been made specifically with you in mind. Let’s take a look at some of these differences.

Wrist Size

While everyone’s wrist size may vary, watches meant to fit a smaller wrist are generally geared toward women, while the opposite can be said of those meant to fit a larger wrist. Of course, wrist size alone may not dictate which gender a watch is made for, though it’s something to keep in mind when you have your eye on a specific watch.

Width of the Strap

This one is usually a pretty good indicator regarding a watch’s intended wearer. Women’s watches are usually (though not always) equipped with a very thin strap. While some women’s watches have a thicker strap, men’s watches never have a thin strap like many women’s watches do. If the watch’s strap is thin, you can bet on it being a women’s watch.

Dial Circumference

As with a watch’s wrist size, its circumference also has a bit of wiggle room, though can still be used to decide whether or not a watch is made for men or women. Like a watch’s strap, a smaller dial typically means the watch in question was made with women in mind, while larger, unique dials are typically made for men.

Strap Materials

When looking for a sleek, high-quality watch, you’ll typically walk away with a model who’s strap is made purely from metal or leather. If however, you come across a watch who’s strap is made of a fabric of sorts (such as certain sports watches), a thin, stretchy material which squeezes tight around the wrist is something more seen in women’s watches than men’s.

Does it Stand Out?

Lastly, men’s watches tend to come with a variety of different physical features. They tend to be more flashy in terms of what’s on the dial and what the outer material is made of. While women’s watches tend to be more subtle when on the wrist, men’s watches are more meant to catch the eye of others, rather than simply quietly compliment the rest of your style.

Of course, many will opt for a particular watch made for the other gender simply because they prefer its style. While this is totally acceptable, it’s worth knowing which watch is which before deciding on a proper candidate to live on your wrist for the next few years.

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