Phase 2 Tourbillon

  • $1,995.00


In horology, a tourbillon (/tʊərˈbɪljən/; French: [tuʁbijɔ̃]
"whirlwind") is an addition to the mechanics of a watch escapement to increase accuracy. It was developed around 1795 and patented by the French-Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet on June 26, 1801. In a tourbillon the escapement and balance wheel are mounted in a rotating cage, in order to negate the effects of gravity when the timepiece (thus the escapement) is stuck in a certain position. By continuously rotating the entire balance wheel/escapement assembly at a slow rate (typically about one revolution per minute), the tourbillon averages out positional errors.

Originally an attempt to improve accuracy, tourbillons are still included in some modern watches. The mechanism is usually exposed on the watch's face to showcase it.

Today tourbillons represent a great achievement of watchmaking and the complexity of mechanical timekeeping.

The Phase 2 is limited edition and made in small batches.

The limited edition numbering is featured on the caseback where the exhibition back showcases the beautiful tourbillon movement.
The Phase 2 comes with the best components available to not only meet a high aesthetic standard of stunning uniqueness but absolute function as well.

The curvature of the two piece case allows a conforming to the wrist which feels exceptional.

A uniquely curved sapphire crystal including a sapphire crystal for the exhibition back protects the timepiece from scratches. The case is coated in a transparent DLC coating which is rarely seen in watches at this price point.

Swiss Superluminova keeps the hands illuminated in the dark

72 hour power reserve automatic movement that winds off the movement of your wrist. No battery required.