What it means to be a man

In recent years there has been a polarizing shift in to the nature of what masculinity stands for. We see companies like Gillette coming out with ads attacking Toxic Masculinity... this has become the all too normal trend.

One company was willing to stand up to this. Egard, A unique watch brand, released a stunning ad in which men are portrayed as hero's, first responders and military.

It attempted to counter the negative narrative and affect change by uplifting men. This is no surprise as Egard's brand since the inception was about the bond between a father and a son.

Click here to watch the video what is a man by Egard Watch Company which has received over 4.8 million views and hundreds of thousands of likes.


This kind of messaging should be a lesson to other companies that positive male re-enforcement is not only necessary but profitable. It is a message that is sorely lacking and desired in the market not only by men but by countless women who have husbands, fathers and sons.

This video Egard released shortly after "Letter to my son" captures that perfectly.


Is there a shift happening in society? Will the vocal minority soon be outshines by the silent majority? That remains to be seen... but the response here seems like a good start.