What does your Facial Hair say about you?

From full beards to clean shaven, every style of facial hair makes a statement. Men project their perception of themselves by the way that they style facial hair. Let’s review some of the most popular facial hair styles below.

Full Beard

Having a full beard can make a number of statements about a man. A man with a full beard can be thought of as mature, aggressive and dominant. This maybe in direct contradiction with their personality or natural disposition, yet it’s an assumption made by both men and women. On the flip side, a full bearded man is sometimes thought of as distinguished or religious. Sometimes a full beard is referred to as a biblical beard. The full beard is fully trending right now, with a plethora of styles and products being tailored to the growing bearded population



A man with a goatee these days is often thought of as old school. The goatee was popular during the 90’s. Older men who still sport it can be thought of as stuck in their youth.


Clean Shaven

Men with a clean shaven face are considered to be altogether more socially accepted, healthy and clean. Being beardless is interpreted as a signal that a man is well socialized and integrated within society today.



There are many ways to wear a mustache but in general a mustache these days says this person stands out or is unique. Mustaches are not commonly worn by the masses as of late. Men who wear them are viewed as saying “I am different”.


All of these assumptions about facial hair are generalizations. One can never truly know what person is about with getting to know them. Facial hair is mainly about style and style is something to be stated as well as interpreted. At Égard Watches we make style statements from elegant to bold. Be sure to check out our selection of our best affordable men’s watches today.