Capturing Moments in Time

Many of us have stories about watches, from sitting on our Grandfather’s lap and playing with his wristwatch, to rifling through our mother’s drawer of valuables and discovering an heirloom pocket watch. No matter the brand, no matter the owner, and no matter the price, each watch has a story, moments that were captured in time.  

I have many fond memories of watches, from as early as being a young child. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a fascination with watches, so much so that I have my own miniature collection and proudly proclaim myself a “watch freak”. From my childish watches, which are imbued with happy memories of playing at Grandma’s house, to my luxury watches that conjure up memories of my dear husband, I’ve always had a watch to represent various moments of time throughout my life.

With the assistance of my beautiful watches, I am able to capture moments in time, keeping them encapsulated forever. While the moments pass and turn into memories, I’m still reminded of them every time I look at each watch, and think about all that has transpired throughout my life. Because of my “watch freak” fascination with watches, I’ll be able to continue to capture future moments, and make sure I never forget them.

I have realized how precious time is. Minutes tick into hours, which tick by into days. Time never stands still, even in the seconds that we wish could last forever. What a mysterious and wonderful thing time is. The best part is that we are able to measure it, and capture special memories through the use of a beautiful timepiece. Through this constantly moving, never stopping concept of time, I have learned how valuable it is to treasure every second, never taking a minute for granted. Perhaps that is why I love watches so much. They remind me that time is a gift.