15 Essential Ideas For Your Mancave

A mancave is an essential expression of who a man really is: whether he fills his kingdom with movie posters, gaming consoles, sports equipment or guitar amplifiers, the mancave is a special space where relaxation meets rocking out, and where comfort meets craziness with the boys. Here are 15 essential ideas to transform your rec room or office into the leisure pad that you’ve wanted for your entire masculine existence.

1. TV!
No mancave is complete without a sweet television — so many other activities are centered around the tube that having the latest model is at the top of our list. Regardless of whether you prefer an LCD model or an HD flatscreen, companies like Samsung, LG, and Panasonic should have just the product for your needs.

2. Gaming Console
No matter if you favor new systems like the Xbox 1 or are more of a throwback gamer fond of Nintendo 64 or Sega, games are the perfect opportunity to entertain your friends while still reminding them that you can crush them in Super Smash Bros. Elevate your gaming style with accessories like X Rocker’s Pro Series video gaming chair — but most importantly, don’t skimp on controllers!

3. Excellent Speaker System
Every mancave is powered by high-octane, high-volume tunes, and yours should be no different. Bose speakers are the best quality out there in the audio world, but the Energy Home Speaker system or the Beats Boombox portable will certainly get the job done too.

4. Multi-Purpose Fitness Bench
The mancave isn’t only for partying with the guys; it should be utilized as a place for quiet reflection and self-improvement too. A multi-purpose bench press along with some free weights is the perfect addition to your ‘Fortress of Solitude’, and might just kick-start some hilarious weight lifting bets among the dudes!

5. Ping Pong Table
Besides being an essential mindless activity for lazy Sundays or drunken Friday nights, ping pong tables are the centerpieces of many invaluable drinking games — how will you be able to crush your friends in Beirut or line up a killer serve in beer pong without one?

6. Lounge Chair
Everyone needs a place to relax after a challenging day of yard work or a rough couple of hours at the office. Why not do it in a comfy recliner? We recommend a plush model with a cupholder and perhaps even a built-in massage system — you deserve it!

7. Games Table
No casual night of swilling whiskey and smoking cigars is complete without a few rounds of poker or an epic game of Risk or Settlers Of Cataan. Give the guys what they want with a multipurpose cards and games table — many excellent models have full poker setups that can be covered with panels to simulate the different surfaces needed for different games.

8. Mini Fridge
All men, whether they are CEOs of major corporations or geeky college students, can agree that walking down the hall or to the kitchen for a beer is simply out of the question. Keep your beers cold and your friends close with a simple beer fridge in the cave.

9. Pool Table
Everyone enjoys pretending they’re a part of the Rat Pack, or leaning over the table like Jackie Gleason, one eye closed and pool cue cocked. Playing billiards is a time-honored dude tradition, and you and your friends should feel proud to be a part of such a long tradition of looking cool while holding a triangle.

10. Foosball Table
No mancave can have a shortage of activities! Place elaborate bets, create your own rules, and become one with the little spinning warriors on your timeless foosball set.

11. Poster Inspiration
You want to be a man? Put some reminders of your archetypes on the walls of your cave. From sports stars like Wilt Chamberlain to singers like Frank Sinatra to action stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone, no man cave is complete without idolatry to the gods of men everywhere.

12. Dart Board
Think you’ve got what it takes to hit the bullseye? There’s no better place to find out than in your mancave, surrounded by hooting and hollering friends that desperately want you to miss so they don’t look so bad!

13. Internet TV service
Whether you go with Apple TV or Google Chromecast, you’re living in the past if these items aren’t at the top of your list. Internet TV and its limitless capabilities are the way of the future — don’t live underneath a rock or in, uh, a cave.

14. Sandwich Press or George Foreman Grill
When men do stuff (as they will be doing in your mancave,) they get hungry. Prevent this hunger from ruining the day with a simple press or grill that provides quick and easy food to the impatient masses.

15. Personal Touch
Inject your personality into your space! If you’re a baseball nut, display your gloves and get a trophy case for that foul ball that you caught at Yankee Stadium in high school. Man caves are an expression of you and you alone — don’t be afraid to personalize your space.

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