Unique Wrist Watches: Time to Be Different!

Most often when thinking of wristwatches, people think of a round face, possibly square, and either a digital face or analog face. Depending on the watch, some analog faces will have an hour, minute, and second hand, while others will only have the hour and minute hands. The color and look of the face will vary, but the overall concept will remain the same. The watch will have a leather or metal band, allowing for the wearer to adjust the length for optimal comfort.

Boring! Let’s see some unique wristwatches! We’ve chosen six of the coolest watches we’ve seen, and want to share them with you!

  1. Flud Men’s Boombox Watch: Giving “old school” an interesting twist, this watch is made out of stainless steel to look like a 1980s boombox, all the way down to the moving handle!
  2. blog-image-1

  3. Watch Cufflinks: We love how elegant these watch cufflinks are, especially with their timeless, analog design. We found these particular ones to be incredibly classy, but there is a variety of cufflink watches available today that will fit your particular style!
  4. blog-image-2

  5. WeWood Jupiter Watch: This watch is the signature watch of WeWood. What makes this watch so cool is the fact that it is wooden, not metal! Not only is that unique, but it also looks absolutely beautiful. It’s available in several different wood colors, but no matter which watch you choose, this will definitely be a conversation piece!
  6. image-blog-3


  7. Game Boy Watch: This watch was designed for the ultimate video game nerd!  Released in 1992, this watch is fully functioning and pays homage to the original Game Boy console! We love this watch because it is perfect for experiencing those nostalgic feelings of our beloved Game Boys.
  8. image-blog-gameboywatch

  9. Tokyoflash NI Watch: This watch is anything but simple! We love it for its high-tech, modern style. It requires labels to explain its five-line LED readout, but once you get the hang of understanding it, you’ll love the cool, dystopian feel of this timepiece.
  10. image-tokyo

  11. MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch: We love this watch for its two interesting, plane-turbine shapes. Though it’s a different layout, it still somehow looks sleek. We think this is the perfect pilot’s watch!
  12. blog image watch

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