The Top Tumblr Blogs for Men’s Fashion

ome avid followers of tumblr men’s fashion probably know just who’s killing it in personal style and who’s not. With more than 95 million total blogs on Tumblr, wading through them all to find those tumblr for men blogs that are worthwhile could be exhausting. Here are some of the best current blogs that revolve around tumblr men’s style:

1) Die, Workwear!
Derek Guy shares everything he knows about tumblr men’s fashion with eager fashion-conscious readers. This includes offerings that range from designer shoes and suits to casual wear and fragrances.


2) The Silentist

Kiyoshi Martinez offers real commentary on all of his handpicked tumblr men’s style. This blog also includes some pretty fascinating reviews of men’s clothing styles to boot.


3) Style Illustrated
This is an innovative tumblr for men blog full of clever fashion illustrations by Andrew Mashanov. He’s been a Russian freelance illustrator for nine years now and puts together some fairly inspired outfits.


4) Airows 

This tumblr men’s fashion blog combines an inspiration board and an online shopping site as a testament to inspired design and excellent style. It also includes some other offerings like breaking news stories for variety.


5) Downeast and Out 
It’s a tumblr men’s fashion blog that delivers some practical advice on men’s style. Jake answers readers’ questions, giving fashion advice on everything from shoes to cologne and everything in-between.



This is a fairly unpretentious blog with dark overtones and some pretty creative photography. It covers a number of areas of interest, one of which is menswear, which gets some excellent coverage and commentary.


7) Christian Kimber

Christian Kimber is an Australian designer who makes very fashionable footwear. His blog expertly meshes shots of his highly attractive footwear with shots of sharp-dressed-men, just like in the ZZ Top single, for a highly enjoyable effect.


8) Real Men Swear

This one is very entertaining and shows that, contrary to popular opinion, a tumblr for men blog truly can avoid taking itself too seriously. It pairs some nice shots of men’s fashion with some funny humor evocative of eCards.


9) Coffee and the Newspaper

Now, this is a really interesting idea that combines men’s fashion posts and foodie pics on the same blog. It highlights some pretty interesting foods and, more importantly, plenty of stylish tumblr men’s fashion for a pretty cohesive mix.


10) Menswear Dog

This blog is bought to you by an American manufacturer based in Detroit. Their blog, with photos by legendary photog Bruce Weber, is such fun that it’ll bring a smile to even the most serious fashion fanatic’s face.