Choosing the Right Shoes for Business

When it comes to a man’s business wardrobe, there is nothing more important than having the right shoes for business. The right pair of shoes will not only provide fitted support throughout the day but also add to the style statement of a gentlemen. The shoes must fit not only the feet but also the personality and the budget. It is essential to invest in at least one quality pair of business dress shoes. In today’s world of fast-paced professionals, black shoes are typically reserved for tuxedo occasions and funerals. If only one pair is in the budget, for now, start with a smart but versatile pair of brown leathers. The double monk strap style is quite popular and can be worn to dress up or dress down.

When embarking on the hunt for new shoes, always begin with quality. A man can spend from $200 to $2000 easily on a good pair of shoes. It is important to be sure that each pair is well worth the money. Begin by checking brand reviews and getting feedback from friends and colleagues. Then, do some investigating. When trying on shoes, look for bench-made shoes with organic materials. Quality craftsmanship is apparent when the welt of the shoe, that is the strip of leather which attaches the upper to the outsole, is sewn rather than glued on. Another good sign is when the shoes are whole-cut, or cut from a single piece of leather, creating fewer seems and, therefore, increasing the overall integrity of the shoe. Berluti, Paris (, are experts at crafting whole-cut shoes.

Finding a quality shoe is a good start. However, the quality, style and every other amenity of the shoe is of little consequence if the shoes don’t fit. A man in a good-fitting pair of shoes walks with more ease and confidence. He does not suffer from the feet, leg and back troubles that his colleagues do. Getting the perfect fit is also not difficult if one is working with a skilled shoe salesperson. Every store these days has a Braddock device or two floating around. However, not every store employee is trained in using one to properly measure the length, width and arch of the foot. The higher end shoe stores are meticulous not only about measuring for shoes but also about providing a variety of sizes so that everyone gets the correct fit.

Arguably the top leader in men’s dress shoes is Allen Edmonds ( They offer a vast array of shoes in many styles and shades. Their traditional McAllister Wingtip Oxford is a favorite for its classic style and versatility. Others prefer the comfort of their Randolph Penny Loafers. Another company ranking at the top of the heap for their wingtips is Church’s ( out of England. Ecco, a company out of Denmark, is known for having comfortable and lightweight shoes that also dress up the businessman’s attire.

Purchasing stylish, high-quality, well-fitted shoes is an investment that needs to be nurtured. Obtain, and learn to use, a quality shoe shine and repair kit. Also, always have a few extra sets of laces. Don’t wear the shoes for jogging or running errands or to a child’s birthday party. Know where a good shoe repair shops is located in the event that a shoes need to be resoled or repaired somehow. Store shoes properly in a cool area using a cedar shoe form to help the shoe keep shape as well as remove some of the days’ sweaty smells. Well-cobbled, well-fitted and well-styled shoes are a commodity to the businessman and must be treated accordingly.