Perry Ellis designer Michael Maccari’s Latest Styles for Men

Perry Ellis designer Michael Maccari has been taking the world of men’s style in new directions for this season. These new clothes are partly based on some of the observations that he has made while seeing men at the gym. It is true that people already tend to combine the clothes that they wear to work and the clothes that they wear to the gym for the sake of convenience. Now, Michael Maccari has some new clothes where that effect is actually achieved intentionally.

Men will see a lot of new shirt suits for this season, and some guys who appear to be wearing both dress clothes and gym clothes at the same time. Gym shorts over compression pants, or just compression pants, are going to be popular in this new release.

When it comes to the patterns that people are going to see on the new Perry Ellis clothes, it seems that modern art motifs are going to be popular. Seeing suits with angular, checkered patterns of black and white should be common during the new Perry Ellis fashion shows. These kinds of angles and sharp color contrasts are going to be popular in urban areas where everything is lines and angles. These kinds of lines and angles will also manage to make the wearer appear sharp and confident, which is always a good look.

Even factors like color are going to wax and wane when it comes to changing styles. There have been times in which everything seemed as if it were neon, and there have been times in which neutral colors dominated men’s style. Now, it seems that Michael Maccari is finding some sort of middle ground between the two extremes. Gold, navy, and indigo are all going to be popular in this release, as are neutral colors like beige and white. Orange is going to be more prominently featured than it usually is as well.

Men will be able to find plenty of options for knitwear and lightweight outerwear in this new collection. The emphasis on stylish but comfortable clothing should be popular among many Perry Ellis customers. The stylish new sweaters already appear to be big hits among the people who have seen the new clothes. Canvas jeans, bomber jackets with mixed fabrics, classic silk suits, cropped anoraks, and gym shorts are going to be prominently featured in the new collection.

There seems to be more emphasis on men’s style nowadays. It seems that the perception that men are disinterested in fashion is starting to change. The widespread availability of social media and the media saturated environment in general is making men more conscious of what they wear according to Michael Maccari, which is partly why this trend seems to be taking shape right now. These new fashion-conscious men are going to be excited about what Perry Ellis has on offer now. The mix of casual and formal clothing represents a truly modern sartorial style.

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