Five Amazing Father and Son Traditions

A strong relationship between father and son is important for healthy emotional development. One of the best ways to strengthen this powerful bond is by starting a father and son tradition that the two of you can share well into adulthood. Whether you are the father of a young or teenage son or the older son of a father who wants to spend more time with the most important man in your life, here are a variety of father and son traditions that you can incorporate into your own lives.


1. Take a road trip.

What better way to catch up with each and create amazing memories than an annual road trip? Choose a birthday, Father’s Day weekend, or any other special occasion and take off. The shared adventure and opportunity to explore will strengthen your relationship and help rekindle your bond. If the two of you enjoy the outdoors, have your trip lead to a campsite. If you prefer something more urban, choose a different city each year to visit. Even if you just take one weekend a year, it will be an experience you’ll treasure forever.


2. Give back together.

Not only is this a tradition that benefits father and son, but it is also great for the community. Whether you choose to volunteer at a local animal shelter, soup kitchen, or any other activity or cause that will prove to be meaningful to the two of you. This is a tradition that you can feel good about in more ways that one.


3. Attend an important sporting event together.

If you share a favorite sports team, make a plan to go to see your team’s game against their biggest rival. It will be something you can both look forward to during the year and cheering on your team together is perfect for bonding. If you don’t really want to pay the ridiculous seat prices, plan to watch the event from the comfort of home. It’s not the money, but the time you are spending together that is important.


4. Commit to trying something new.

Set aside time once, twice, or more a year to get together and do something out of your comfort zone. Take turns deciding who will choose the activity. It can be anything from going sailing or deep sea fishing to skydiving or bungee jumping. If you’re not quite that adventurous, visit an interesting museum, attend a car show, head to an archery or shooting range, go to a concert, or visit a zoo. It doesn’t matter what you do, just do it together. You may even discover something new you both enjoy.


5. You don’t even have to leave home.

Creating a meaningful father-son tradition doesn’t require that you leave home, especially if your children are still living with you. It can be an annual event at home such as a special meal that you prepare together. Not only do these activities give you a chance to catch up and bond, but they can easily be continued for decades to come and shared with new generations.

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