Best Men’s Night Out In Boston

There is a lot of nightlife taking place in Boston bars, pubs, and taverns. They serve food ranging from good to excellent. Boston boasts of huge number of sports bars, Dance clubs, comedy clubs, music events, movies, and other entertainment options that provide lots of entertainment after the sun go down.

Most of the city’s clubs are clustered in three relatively small areas. From the theater district and its selection of popular spots that often have long lines from the early hours of the evening until closing, to those near Fenway that draw a crowd as varied as the music played inside and Faneuil Hall to TD Garden that are mostly bars by day and clubs by night.  Some Boston bars and clubs close around 1am and the club and bar life shuts down at 2am.


Here are some of our favorite places to visit for a best men’s night out in Boston:

The Hong Kong

Located in famous Faneuil Hall, the Hong Kong has a great dance club/scorpion bowl combo of perfect late night happiness. Good food and dangerously good drinks equal a night you might soon forget, but still remember fondly.


The Avery

The Avery is inside the Ritz Carlton. The look is a modern 50’s vibe, The club is at 10 Avery Street. They have an extensive wine list to choose from and if you are a fan of signature cocktails, they have a line of signature cocktails called “The Avery 10”.


The Good Life

The Good Life is at 28 Kingston St. It has been called the best place to go dancing in the city by local media. The club has 2 dance floors and features DJs from around the world. It boasts a full restaurant to take care of hunger and 3 full bars.


F1 Boston

F1 Boston takes care of a person’s need for speed. Here is something different just south of Boston at 290 Wood Road in Braintree. If you ever wondered what jumping into a race car feels like, here is the chance to get close. F1 Boston calls this “The ulitmate cart racing experience”. They boast a city track and a country track.  Food and drink is available and there is the option to play pool in the billiards room as well.


Dick’s Beantown Comedy Den

Dick’s Beantown Comedy Den is at 184 High St.  Here is a chance for some laughs with the boys. It’s line up includes established as well as local comedians. You can get food and drinks here as well. The reasonable prices are welcome and they are an 18+ club if you have any under 21 in the group.

There are many options for the nightlife in Boston besides the one’s featured here. So put on your style, grab the guys and go out to have a good time. Egard watches knows style. Please be sure to visit our page of stylish men’s luxury watches.