5 Affordable Father and Son Bonding Activities

Parenthood is an amazing adventure full of joy, excitement, trials and so much more. Sometimes it’s not always so easy to find fun and affordable father and son bonding activities. There are plenty of great bonding activities fathers and sons can partake in that won’t break the bank, but will bring their relationship to a closer bonding level. Below are five father and son bonding activities that nearly any father and son duo can partake in.

Go See A Movie

This is a timeless bonding activity that father and sons of nearly any age can enjoy. If you go to the movies in the morning or the afternoon, you may be able to get in for the matinee price. There’s a lot to see at a movie theater, from interesting people to the movie itself. The movie might end up being average but the time you shared will be what is remembered.

Go Out To Eat

Another timeless bonding activity would be going out to get some grub together. It doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant either, you can go to a fast food chain, an affordable diner, or really anywhere that fits in your budget. Going out to eat is a great bonding activity because there’s not much to distract from conversation. It’s perfect for some one on one time, bond and enjoy some good food while you do it! If you’re questioning a topic to chat about with your son, check out our article on fatherly advice.

Go To An Arcade Or Game Room

If your child is a gamer, they will enjoy visiting an arcade or something similar. The smallest amount of money can also be enjoyed at a place such as this. Enjoy games, talk, and laugh. You can even make a competition out of who can win the most tickets, then go trade them in for the silliest prize you can find. No matter which way you do it, this is the perfect spot for father and sons to get in some bonding time while having fun.

Have A Water War

This is another great father and son bonding activity that doesn’t cost very much. However, it’s pretty much restricted to warmer weather, but it can be enjoyed by all ages. Go to the store and buy some water balloons, two squirt guns, and whatever else you can afford. The great part about this activity is it can be done pretty much anywhere, you can choose your yard, the street, the sidewalk, or even a local park. You can even do this while washing the car together. Your son will get a laugh out of soaking their father, no matter the age.

Play Music Together

Music is a universal language, and there’s not too many people who don’t enjoy one form of music or another. If you already have a few instruments lying around, it makes it even more affordable. However, there are many inexpensive and fun instruments to be had even just for a few dollars, such as kazoos, harmonicas, bongos, ukuleles, low end keyboards and more. If your son likes a different style than you do, play around with it with him. He’ll appreciate you trying to understand what he likes, and you’ll have fun as well. This activity can also open up conversation and provide plenty of fun and laughter.

Father and son bonding is so valuable to both the father and the son. There are many memories to build, laugh at and enjoy for years to come. The Egard brand is a tribute to the bond between a son and his father. You can see Egard’s line of affordable quality time pieces here.