Luxury Timepieces- Father's Day Gifts

A son's desire to pay tribute to his father; that was what set the ball rolling. The son was Ilan Srulovicz, a Canadian-American based in LA and in Toronto and it so happened that his imagination was caught up by the idea of a unique timepiece as an appropriate gift to his father. Once the idea had struck home, Ilan was onto it with a passion. His background in 3D modeling and pre-visualization came to his aid and the prototyping of the dial and the case and other design details were completed soon and within a year, 'The Shade'; the first timepiece designed by the now famous Egard Watches-- was ready to decorate a man's wrist!

Six years later, Egard has carved a niche for itself in the luxury timepieces industry and its wide array of unique watches for men has become a huge favorite with men who like to see watches not merely as a functional gadget, but an object of value to cherish and to take pride in; which is the philosophy that has nourished the brand's vision for all these years. Even now, in many interviews, Ilan relates with delight how his father had loved that first watch he had designed for him, so much so that he asked his son to put it on display at a public forum, so that others could also appreciate the high level of craftsmanship and artistry that the timepiece showcased.

And appreciated it was, 'The Shade'; and particularly 'The Shade Blue'; remains one of the incredibly popular men’s watches line from Egard. To this day, Ilan, in each of his new designs and collaborations, strives his best to preserve this brand of uniqueness. That all Egard collections are limited editions is a testimony to this fact. As Ilan stated in an interview that he has always felt a level of emotional connection with his watches and he wishes that his customers would feel the same and this is the reason why he is strictly opposed to any manner of mass production when it comes to luxury timepieces and obviously to any line of unique watches for men (as well as women) that Egard has designed.

This is also why Egard does not believe in the philosophy of 'endorsement', but they do form partnerships with different celebrities to collaborate on Egard Mens Watches and women’s watches. Ilan elaborates that while it is a happy occasion for him to know that so many celebrities are in love with Egard collections, he still feels that his watches are unique irrespective of who is wearing them. This also explains the fact that Casper became a brand ambassador for Egard only when he came to see the designs done by Ilan and expressed his sincere appreciation for them.

And for all this uniqueness that Egard can rightfully boast of, Ilan also maintains that affordability is another big determinant in the overall philosophy behind Egard Watches. Luxury timepieces they may be and exclusive to boot, but all the same, Egard will still not burn a hole in your pocket. The Passages, which has meteor dust and a curved sapphire crystal and a modified automatic movement; makes The Passages watch an instant classic, and is one of the top of the line watches marketed by Egard, while still affordable enough when compared to most luxury watch brands.