Father and Disabled Son Conquer Endurance Events Together

Here is the inspiring story about the father and son duo, Dick and Rick Hoyt.  They are affectionally known as Team Hoyt.

Rick was born in 1962 and was diagnosed as a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy because of lack of oxygen to his brain at the time of his birth.  Doctors didn’t offer much hope and advised his parents to institutionalize him.  School administrators didn’t initially want to accept Rick into public school.  He couldn’t walk or talk.  Overcoming obstacles and resistance, Ricks parents, Dick and Judy Hoyt strived to give him a normal life.   They knew he was capable of growth.  They educated him, had a computer built that helped him communicate, and made sure he was included in activities.

At age 15, Rick asked his father to participate in a 5 mile run to benefit a local lacrosse player who had become paralyzed. Dick agreed to participate and pushed Rick in his wheelchair for the entire race.  Rick told his father that he didn’t feel handicapped while running. That was the start of what has now become a legacy of participating in well over 1,000 endurance events together including several Boston Marathons and Iron Man competitions. 

Needless to say, Dick’s determination to help his son and their beautiful relationship is an inspiration, not to mention the endurance to complete such events.  Égard watches salutes team Hoyt. 

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