What to Look for in a Tailored Suit

Getting a tailored suit is a big decision. Picking an off-the-shelf solution, saves time but you’ll end up with something that’s not sized specifically to your body. We’re looking for something that will look good because of it’s precise fit in size and style.  Here are some points to be aware of when buying a tailored suit.

The track record of the tailor

When you are going to spend good money for a tailored suit, it would benefit you to know the skill level of the tailor.  Do your research to see what the tailor has done before.   They may have samples and pictures to show at the shop.  You can also look for online reviews of the tailor.

The exact measurements

Let your tailor know what you expect. You’ll need to tell them how you’d want your suit to rest on you.  This is a custom made suit that you want to look a particular way on you.  Make sure the tailor knows your thoughts about fit and your reasoning.  For example, you may want to let the tailor know that you want the suit made to help you look thinner.  An experienced tailor will know how to make a suit that compliments your body type.

Your style

Are you going for a classic or modern design? Do you prefer two or three button jacket suit? What type of fabrics do you want?  Well, good tailors work with hundreds of suit designs, so they won’t have a problem finding the best piece for you as long as you know what you want.

Fitting the suit

When you finally have the suit ready, you should only pay for it when it’s a perfect fit.  No good tailor wants their customer to be unhappy.   Be sure to leave them a positive review and let them know that you are going to do so if you are happy.

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