Why every business man should own a briefcase

A man with a good briefcase is often suave, stylish and well put-together. He is a well-organized, professional gentlemen who’s ready to make the right first impression. There are many styles and brands of briefcases available today to match a mans wardrobe. Finding one that fits all the high-tech businessman’s needs is easy, such as Michael Kors’ Saffiano Messenger Bag or, for something a little more casual, perhaps the Incase City Brief. For the man who wants a more traditional looking briefcase and all of the roominess and modern amenities of today’s briefcase choose Ernest Alexander The Andy Leather Laptop Briefcase.

With so many quality designers to choose from, the real challenge is narrowing down the field to fit individual needs. Businessmen in the big city with fast paced on-the-go jobs are likely to choose a smooth, trendy brief from a top designer, like the Fossil Estate Leather Portfolio Briefcase or, on the higher end, the Gucci Men’s Briefcase. The sportier guy may want a case that is more versatile and durable such as the Brooks Brothers Filson Twill Commuter Briefcase. For the patriot in all of us, the Jack + Mulligan Fitzgerald Made in the USA Briefcase is an honorable choice.

The style and brand of the briefcase is not the only consideration a man must make when choosing the perfect one. Wardrobe matching is equally important. The briefcase must be able to fit with the majority, if not all, of the businessman’s attire. A clashing briefcase can ruin that perfect first impression. A man whose wardrobe includes a lot of khaki pants and brown shoes would not want a sleek, black briefcase. Likewise, any professional gent who often dresses in darker shades would not do well to have a tan briefcase. Be cautious of the statement you make with your purchase also, a patent leather, or faux leather for the animal loving businessman, is usually the best choice, especially for a first briefcase. It would be disastrous to have a meeting with PETA and arrive with a briefcase made from animal parts! Keep your briefcase relative to your favorite style, brand, and situation.