The Most Unique Men’s Socks in the World

The traditional black trouser sock has its place, like in the far back of the sock drawer. Today’s market features such a wide array of styles, patterns, fabrics and brands, why would anyone want to settle for black? Adding a little pizzazz to the traditional businessman’s wardrobe is as simple as a quick internet search. However, to truly stand out in the dog-eat-dog world of business fashion, one must be savvier, more creative and more unique. We’ve done a bit of the leg work already. Here are some of the best unique socks in the world.


1. Sock It to Me ( has been making and selling some of the most creatively designed socks for around a decade. From the currently trending moustache ( to the tacosaurus ( design, there is truly something for every man.

2. YoSox ( is the place to find the perfect American foodie inspired pair of socks. They feature bacon, eggs, hot dogs and even donuts. They have more than food too but who can get past bacon and donuts?

3. Happy Socks ( is perfect for the man who isn’t quite ready for bacon and eggs but wants to switch up the sock colors and patterns a bit. As an extra bonus, Happy Socks offers boxers and briefs that match many of their sock designs.

4. Peper Harow (, out of London, provides an extensive selection of colors, designs and patterns that resonate with traditional charm with keeping the gentlemen looking stylish and professional. When looking for the best socks to match one’s briefcase, this is the place to go.

5. Ningbo Sinoknit Co. Ltd. ( is a Chinese company that offers many styles of socks for men that are high-quality and breathable.

6. Chatty Feet ( is another England-based sock company which is very popular worldwide thanks in part to the internet but also because of the very unique little caricatures that are featured on their designer brands, like the Sigmund Sock ( for the Freudian side of every man.

The world of men’s socks has changed over the decades. It won’t be long until a pair of socks with a terrific pattern or a unique design becomes the new standard gift for gentlemen around the world.