What is a Quartz Watch?

Quartz watches utilize an electronic oscillator and the vibrational frequency of the quartz crystal to measure time. The crystal vibrates at a precise frequency, which the watch tracks in order to display the time, making it much more accurate than traditional mechanical methods. Powered by standard watch batteries, quartz watches are easy to maintain, only requiring regular battery replacement to keep them operational. The crystal itself and the oscillator require minimal upkeep, making these watches attractive for the general population.

While watches with quartz movements were quite costly at their initial inception, cost has now come with the reach of watch manufactures. Quartz movement can be used in both digital watches and analogue. Contrary to mechanical watches, whose hands move in a sweeping motion around the watch face, quartz watches move with an individual ticking motion.

In digital quartz watches, a small processor inside the watch measures the oscillating frequency of the crystal, then performs micro-calculations to determine the correct time to display. In analogue watches, a similar processor records the vibrations, then translates them into an electrical current via the battery to move the hands in one-second increments.

The Chronobeast with Swiss Quartz Movement.

Because mechanical watches require human engineering to calibrate the time, they become less and less accurate over time. Tiny deviations in the mechanical parts, while minute at first, tend to create a larger discrepancy as time goes on. On the other hand, quartz movement is far more accurate, thanks to the consistent nature of the crystal’s vibrations.

While the quartz crystal is relatively stable across a broad range of temperatures, slight fluctuations do occur at the extreme high and low ends of the spectrum. Experts advise wearing your quartz watch on a regular basis, as your body heat will help to stabilize the temperature of the watch,  keeping it accurate for many years to come.

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