The Ultimate Guide to Fatherly Advice

Being a father can be a great experience.  However, at some point in time, every dad fears that he will not be able to live up to his own standards.  Although many have this concern, there are no instructions that come with this amazing job.  However, there are a few pearls of wisdom that every father should make sure to impart to their child.  Enjoy the ultimate guide to the best fatherly advice below, and share it with any new dads in need.


Cherish time with your family.

Some of the best advice from fathers is that which emphasizes how important it is to appreciate time. Remind your son or daughter how quickly the years fly by. Let them know that time is short and precious — that they should do their best to make the most of it. Make sure to let them know that the most valuable time spent will be with their family and friends. Tell them that they should be present within each moment.

Don’t run away.

Some of the best advice from dad will encourage you to not face your fears. Of course, everyone has different experiences in their lifetime, but let them know that the first couple of months of any new stage of life will likely be the most difficult or challenging. However, if they are patient and determined, they can live through it and even the most daunting tasks will eventually become more manageable.

Love will conquer all.

Though it may come across as somewhat corny, encouraging your children to show love to the people in their lives will make them stronger people. They will be able to direct their anger and frustration in more positive ways. They will always be aware of the needs of others. And through showing love they will also be able to more easily recognize this trait in others and form better and stronger bonds.

Have patience.

A little patience can go quite a long way. Father advice should always include the virtue of patience. Encourage them to find ways to deal with their temper. Let them know that they should take time to think things through instead of acting impulsively.  Patience is a virtue, but only if you make it so.

Keep a sense of humor.

Let your son or daughter know that life is not always going to be easy. Tell them that there will be times when they face challenges, or even people in their lives who make them extremely frustrated. These are the time in which they should keep their wits about themselves. They should always keep a ready smile or be able to pick out the humor in a situation. Encourage your children not take everything so seriously.

Remain active.

Though it may seem quite obvious, this is a piece of advice that many fathers forget to pass on. Let your children know that remaining active is the best way to live a long and healthy life. Encourage them to get out and enjoy life. Let them know that they should take the time to get out and admire the outdoors.

Never lose your imagination.

Remind your children how important it is that they never lose their sense of wonder. Even as they age, they should always feel free to exercise their imagination. Not only does this encourage relaxation and make life more interesting, but it also helps with daily problem solving. Adults who have great imaginations will always be able to think outside of the box.

Be an example.

One of the best pieces of fatherly advice is that which encourages your child to be an example to those around them. Let them know that they should be a leader and not a follower. Tell them that they can always make a positive difference wherever they are, with whatever they are doing. Instead of always looking to someone else for inspiration, they should do their best to be an inspiration themselves. This includes keeping a great attitude, having great manners and a strong work ethic.

Treat your mother with respect, always.

It’s important that you encourage your children to always show reverence to one of the most important women in their lives–their mom. Of course your children will grow up to start their own families some day, but setting a firm foundation of respect in the home will set a lifelong tone for their future relationships with their spouses and children. Your daughter will always know how she should be treated and your son will always know how to treat the woman in his life.

Above are just few things a father can share to make a difference in his child’s life. Though there are a few additional things you may be able to think of from your personal experience, its always a good idea to start with the basic. And the most important thing to remember about this list is to lead by example.

Bonding with your children always opens their ears to a father’s advice. See our article on father and son bonding activities to learn ways that you can grow closer to your child.