The Future of Women's Luxury Watches Brands

When thinking of luxury watches, most people tend to think of men’s watches. They remember the iconic scenes in movies, where the handsome main character is getting ready for an evening out, and he reaches up to tighten his tie. His coat sleeve slips down, revealing a beautiful, expensive luxury watch on his wrist. We’ve all seen these movies before, which is why, when thinking of luxury watches, the image of men’s watches automatically comes to mind.

Not only are men more prone to wearing watches, but collecting watches is often thought to be a passion for men. Ironically enough, the first wristwatch ever created was designed by Patek Philippe for the Countess Koscowicz of Hungary—a woman.

Across the globe, the ratio of the sale of men’s watches to women’s luxury watches brands is 2:1, While the percentage for men’s watches in 2013 accounted for 64% of the total luxury timepieces sold, this doesn’t necessarily convey an accurate depiction. Many women choose to wear men’s watches over the daintier style of an accessory deemed a “women’s watch”.

Some might be tempted to think that the difference between men’s and women’s watches are tiny, and therefore, not noticeable. You wear them on your wrist, they all tell time, and are a great accessory for any outfit. But, more than the idea of a watch is the marketing and appearance that sells different styles of watches to each gender. Watches that are dainty, diamond-encrusted quartz are more likely to appeal to women looking to buy watches, rather than larger mechanical watches, and vice versa for men’s watches. As this has been the trend for years, it is easy to see why women’s luxury watches brands have not always pushed to change their industry.

There is a bright future ahead for women’s luxury watches brands, such as Egard Watches. Many designers are transitioning from the “shrink it and pink it” mentality when it comes to women’s accessories. Egard Watches for women are beautiful pieces that are designed to enhance and give each woman a subtle feminine touch, while maintaining elegance and beauty.  A watch from Egard Watches will be a “women’s watch” you will be proud to wear.