Guide to the Best Monk Strap Shoes for Men

Monk strap shoes are one of the most stylish types of shoe and also one of the more versatile – it suits many different occasions. They are considered a formal shoe for men, however, not as formal as an Oxford, and they tend to go well with denim. Smart monk strap shoes can also look good with a suit.  There are so many to choose from and this guide to the best monk strap shoes for men can help you narrow down your choices.

Coming in different types – monk strap shoes are available in single, double and occasionally triple-strap form – there are a huge variety on the market from which to choose. Depending on your outfit, a single or double strap may be more appropriate – for example, one strap offers a simplistic look on men, whereas a double strap looks busier and will draw more attention to the shoe. Triple straps are more uncommon and quirky.

Monk strap shoes are usually made of either leather or suede. The main difference between the two is their durability. While a leather shoe lasts longer providing it is well cared for, a suede shoe may develop blemishes as they age. As a guide, investing in a leather shoe may be a better financial option long-term.

Prices of men’s monk strap shoes vary depending on the quality and brand. An affordable option is the Cole Haan Air Madison Single Monk, which retails at around $130. The Mercanti Fiorentini Double Monk Medallion is another reasonably priced choice – the sleek shoe comes with a neat pattern at the toe cap and can be found for $150.

For a more expensive shoe, the Mermin Goodyear Welted Double Monks are a decent option at just over $200. Magnanni also produce a double strap monk shoe made of suede at around the same price. As is to be expected, the more you are prepared to spend, the more durable and classier the shoe is likely to be.

While design is a personal preference, choosing a monk strap shoe of high quality and one which will last is always applicable. Hopefully this guide gives you a new perspective and an idea of which monk strap shoes are best for men in terms of quality and style.  At Egard watches, we are always focused on both.  Please also be sure to view our exclusive line of affordable luxury men’s watches here.