Forever Trending: Men’s Clothes that Never Go Out of Style

You might not think it possible but there are articles of men’s clothes that never go out of style throughout the passing years. Indeed there are some items of mens clothes that can be considered an investment due to their lasting nature. These are a few of the essential wardrobe pieces for a man’s closet that are so iconic they can weather those fast-changing fashion trends. Here are the basic clothes and accessories that every well-dressed man should own.


Wingtip Shoes (or Brogues)

These classic shoes can effortlessly transition from one season to the next. Dress them up with a suit or go casual with jeans. The Brogue is a pair of men’s shoes that are slightly less dressy than the traditional wingtip but it takes a careful eye for detail to notice the difference. However the important thing to remember is that having a pair of these shoes in your closet will make it possible for you to always look modern and well-dressed no matter what the situation may be.


Overcoat (wool, cashmere or camel hair)

Men should learn that an overcoat is the perfect fashion accessory for colder weather. A classic wool overcoat is always going to be in style. Look at the photos in older magazines or online. The man will be wearing overcoats that look remarkably similar in cut and style to the same designer brands that are being sold today.


Crew Neck Tees

What every man needs in his wardrobe is a selection of standard crew neck t-shirts. Forget the sleeveless or V-neck styles. Make sure that you have at least 3-5 crew neck tees in basic white, black and navy. Tee-shirts for men have been fashionable for years and ideally represent men’s clothes that never go out of style.



Even if you only have one or two formal events to attend in your lifetime, a classically tailored tuxedo will prove to be an invaluable fashion investment. Sure you can rent a tux for a special event, but the flawless tailoring in a custom designed “penguin” suit will always make a man look like like a movie star for an evening.


Black Suit (Grey or Navy will also Work)

Look for a classic suit that foregoes trendy embellishments. A pair of dress slacks paired with a matching jacket is going to be the ideal wardrobe choice for almost any occasion.


White Dress Shirt

No matter what colors and patterns the fashion mavens are touting for the upcoming season you will never go wrong with a solid white dress shirt. This is an item of men’s clothing that will always be perfect to pair with a suit, blazer or your favorite pair of jeans.


These are some items you can add to your wardrobe of men’s clothing that never go out of style.  Be sure to view our exclusive line of affordable luxury men’s watches here.