Passages V2 Webb - William Shatner edition

  • $650.00

Timekeeping on the Passages V2

The passages V2 Webb uses an incredibly unique method for timekeeping. Built up of multiple aluminum disks that rotate, the timekeeping is kept via the sun, earth and webb markers.

Each disk will rotate independently. The Sun represents the hour hand, the earth represents the minute hand and James Webb telescope represents the seconds.

The reference image shows the time as 1:53

Our commitment to excellence

The passages V2 is Swiss Assembled by expert watchmakers.

Beyond this, the timepiece has excellent components.

A domed sapphire crystal that won't get scratched!
Ceramic center links on the bracelet!
Certified Meteorite dust on the dial!!!

and more!

Certified Meteorite Dust

Each Passages V2 comes with a certificate with proof of the meteorite we purchased being authentic and catalogued.

Each timepiece will have numerous sprinkles of meteorite dust on the dial to add a further element of William Shatner's passion for our planet and preservation of it as a unique and wonderful miracle.

Egard, William Shatner & NASA

  • The Passages V2 Webb is a wonderful collaboration between William Shatner & Egard to commemorate the launch of the Webb telescope. NASA's insignia is on the caseback and rotor to help further mark this piece as a collectable item!

    Limited to only 5000 pieces!