Cristo Automatic - Starter Kit

Evarii Starter kits are a combination of 4 components that all fit together to form a complete watch. It takes minutes to assemble the entire timepiece and seconds to change out components for new ones. All components fit together for thousands of variations. All Evarii timepieces have a dial, bezel, case and strap and each component is interchangeable with our entire collection!

The Cristo Automatic Starter Kit comes with the following Evarii components. Upgrade and add more anytime!

Classima Black & White Automatic Dial (Works off the movement of your wrist) - $100
43mm Round Polished 316L Stainless Steel Case - $40
Steel Flutted Bezel - $18
Metal Bracelet - $70
Total component cost = $228
Starter kit cost = $210
Saving = $18


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