Order Updates Live

Order Updates Live

Thank you for pre-ordering with us.

This page is dedicated to giving a status on all watch collections currently on pre-order. Production on most pieces finished at the same time and we are now doing our best to manage logistic moving forward to make sure the pieces go out efficiently and properly.


Quantus - Shipping now

V1-Gent Engraved and AquaShipping now

V1-Class autoShipping now

Bermuda Masterpiece - Shipping next week

Chrono-gen Stealth and Aqua - Shipping now

Seventy Shipping now

Colorado - Shipping now

Ryder - Starts shipping end of next week

Eve - Starts shipping end of next week

Icon - Starts shipping next week

Evarii - Starts shipping end of next week

Necklaces - Shipping now

Thin Blue Line - This piece is not yet available for pre-order but if you requested the upgrade from your Evarii we are offering to either get the Evarii at the above date or to hold on longer for the Thin Blue Line piece. We will leave the choice entirely up to you. The Thin Blue Line watch is complicated and it is the first time we are making it which requires quite a bit of testing along the way. We are sure these will arrive in time for Christmas but they may only go out in November. 



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