Women Are Sporting Big-Faced Men’s Watches As The Latest Fashion Trend

A new trend is surfacing when it comes to women’s watches—women are now starting to wear bigger-faced watches. The trend of wearing larger-faced watches has become a regular fashion piece for those who have opted to replace thin, delicate, feminine timepieces for flashier, much more masculine watches. This trend is especially taking hold in major fashion centers, such as New York City, Paris, and Rome. This goes to show that these women who are wearing men’s watches aren’t just following a “fad” as some would like to believe.

Men’s watches adorning women’s wrists quickly became a classic, with their clean lines and subtle designs. The major difference that separates women’s watches from men’s watches are the bold colors that are synonymous with a traditional watch for women. Despite all the bold colors and additional glitter and bling that is commonly found on a traditional watch designed for women, men’s watches tend to look even more sensational without all the extra embellishments.

Even though it might seem simple to throw a men’s watch on your wrist and call it good, there are still a few fashion guidelines that should be adhered to, to ensure that the watch does not overpower your outfit or other accessories. Choose a simple and clean male timepiece on your wrist that exemplifies your taste for clean and simple fashion pieces. If you want, your other wrist could be adorned with a couple of thin and delicate bracelets that can balance out the masculinity of the timepiece with a pretty, feminine touch.

As soon as women started to wear men’s large-faced watches, the male ego took a hit. Men didn’t want women to wear their watches, as it made them feel less masculine, whereas women felt incredibly empowered with a men’s watch on their wrist.

Although it might seem simple enough to pick out a large-faced watch that you are attracted to, it doesn’t mean that it is necessarily fashionable. There is no way around it. Some big-faced watches are simply tacky-looking, no matter what you do to try to mitigate it. There is a rule of thumb of certain items that should never be worn with big watches, to prevent yourself from becoming a fashion victim. Below is a list of a few items that you should refrain from wearing when sporting your new male big-faced watch.

  • Rubber bracelets
  • Two watches on the same wrist
  • Slap bracelets
  • Other large, jewel-encrusted watches
  • Several bracelets – one or two is fine
  • Spiked leather cuffs
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