The top 3 male accessories.

In a time where so many of us are looking for unique ways to express ourselves, accessorizing can be a great option. The options available for men might appear to be limited but with these top 3 accessories you can find unique ways to give yourself a subtle boost in style that people will be sure to notice. 

1. Shoes... Shoes are one of the first things people see when they look at you. A great pair of shoes can go a long way when it comes to making a strong first impression. The nice thing about them is they can be collected in great number and be an amazing way to express your mood for the day. 

Vans is a perfect example of a company stepping outside the box to give some cool funky vintage style shoe options at an affordable price. Check out these ATCQ Old Skools to see an example of some outside the box style choices:

2. Watches... Watches are undeniably one of the most notable ways to express yourself. Perhaps the most unique and historic of all accessories. The term "the watch makes the man" dates back generations to a time and age old tradition where movie stars use timepieces to represent their film characters. Forever connecting iconic timepieces to amazing talent.

If you want an amazing way to feel good leaving the house then look no further than our rose gold Rush timepiece from Egard created hand in hand with MMA icon and UFC superstar Georges "Rush" St. Pierre.

3. Socks... We said shoes... but what's underneath can make just as much of a splash. The color choices in socks today has become a thing of beauty. Whether you want to be subtle or extreme every option exists... Providing both comfort, taking advantage of the socks you wear to give yourself an extra boost of style is a must.

These socks by "Stance" are a perfect example of just how far you can go with sock style.