The Classiest Women Watches by Egard

Accessories and jewelry define the personal style of a woman. Be it her bag, her shoes, her sunglasses or her wrist watch - all combine to give her that signature look of hers. A classy watch adds an elegant element to the women’s style. This minimal accessory could perfect any simple look from an office dress to a glamorous outfit as quality womens watch brands are emerging.

Apart from completing your look and adding sophistication to it, a watch is the perfect gift to give and the ideal heirloom to be passed on. No matter what people think regarding the end of life, it is a known fact that people do live through the memories if those who knew them and watches tend to be the perfect way to remember our loved ones.


Watches allow us to treasure moments, memories and help us in building a relationship with time. When you own timepieces from time before you, you are able to remember the people who passed before you. A watch collection can also be a legacy. When you leave your personal jewelry items and watches to someone you love and care about, you are in a way passing on the values that meant so much to you to someone else.


A classy collection of womens watches has been launched by Egard Watches. Egard is known to create some of the most exceptional timepieces that not only keep time but makes you treasure and capture the moments. Among so many womens watch brands coming up nowadays, Egard has certainly created a place for itself, in the renowned womens watch brands.


The recently launched women watch collection by Egard not only exhibits unique style but they are made with the highest quality movements that have been especially made in Switzerland and Japan.  Egard features an intricate-dial design and when today is the time to make a style statement in the form of dress and jewelry, watches by Egard allow you to make a bold statement making you stand out from the crowd.


Since its debut in 2012, Egard has been coming up with luxury timepieces and their elegance seems to add a charm to the personality of the wearer. The classy and beautiful women watch collection is simple yet defines a stylish statement.


The rose gold watch women by Egard features a unique oblong case with a shimmering crystal acceneted bezel so that you shine and dazzle in your daily look. Egard’s rose gold watch women comes with a butterfly buckle and leather strap that adds to the feminine touch of this unique watch.


This rose gold watch women happens to be a limited edition which surely makes it worth buying. Swaravski stones encircle the dial and the watch is engraved with William Shatner’s signature on the back. The crystal markers appear at every hour along the mother-of-pearl dial. It showcases an enameled push/pull crown that rests along the side of the case.  It secures firmly to your wrist with a push button dual/deploying clasp.


Have a look at the luxury limited timepiece collection by Egard and order yours right now!